Teaming Up to Help Patients

The CABOMETYX U.S. launch capped an 18-month period in which Exelixis generated the data necessary to file and built out its commercial and medical affairs infrastructure.

Left to right: Colin Hessel, Development Operations; Christian Scheffold, Clinical Development and Translational Research; Gisela Schwab, Product Development and Medical Affairs; Wei Xu, Medicinal Chemistry; Lisa Sauer, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.

Collaboration is essential to drug development, which is why it’s been a fundamental principle for Exelixis since our founding. When challenged, we draw upon the strength of the entire Exelixis organization — our collective skills, perspectives and experiences.

When the CABOMETYX U.S. launch began in April 2016, everyone at Exelixis had a role to play. In particular, our Clinical Development, Medical Affairs, Legal, Regulatory, Supply Chain, and Commercial groups worked across time zones and geographies to deliver our latest medicine to patients just three days after approval.

Of course, a new medicine is a means to an end goal — to help patients thrive and be there for life’s important moments. We share this goal with clinicians like Robert Alter, M.D. of northern New Jersey. Dr. Alter has long recognized the importance of teamwork between doctor and patient. It’s a central tenet for him when discussing treatment options, adherence to therapy, emotional support, and the other issues that come with treating cancer.

This emphasis on collaboration and support is greatly valued by patients like Hugo, who has been under the care of Dr. Alter to treat his advanced renal cell carcinoma for over five years. Family is everything for Hugo: his wife and children are also key members of his care team, and he sees their collective support as an important factor that enables him to keep up with his four grandchildren. Hugo’s partnership with and trust in Dr. Alter has also inspired him to take control of his disease and overall health, in keeping with his desire to live decisively and take nothing for granted.

Stories like Hugo’s inspire us to do everything we can to improve care and outcomes for people with cancer. All of us at Exelixis are singularly focused on that mission, and we are moving forward with urgency and dedication, and, most importantly, as a team.

Oncologist Robert Alter, M.D. has collaborated with Hugo on his advanced RCC treatment plan for more than five years.

For Hugo, who is currently taking an Exelixis treatment for advanced RCC, family is everything.

Oncologist Robert Alter, M.D. emphasizes teamwork in his practice.

Because of the individual and collective efforts of the Exelixis team, CABOMETYX reached patients just three days after approval.

Left to right: Khalid Shah, Pharmaceutical Operations and Supply Chain; Nancy Simmons, Executive Administration; Doug Clary, Medical Affairs; Delea Mendes-Magana, Pharmaceutical Operations and Supply Chain; Jeff Nicola, Commercial Operations.

Introducing a new medicine requires a multidisciplinary effort.

Left to right: Charlotte Buswold, Patient Access; P.J. Haley, Commercial; Sarah Donovan, Marketing; Jonathan Ho, Financial Planning and Analysis; Linda Ibe, Human Resources.